Always better in the original: LEMKEN Parts

Imagine: at some point, your farm machine will need a spare part. There is no room for compromise. An original LEMKEN spare part is the best you can get for your machine, LEMKEN quality pays - always and everywhere. Reliability is an important feature in cultivation technology. Wear is an unavoidable reality, LEMKEN’s answer: technically optimised, innovative materials, which guarantee a maximum service life. This applies to the entire production process as well as the manufacture of spare parts.  

Precisely fitting, simple, efficient and safe

We use specially treated steels, which have been produced exclusively for LEMKEN. This results in a particularly high wear resistance of our components, so that you won’t have to replace them as often as other parts. But there are other reasons for choosing original spares. Their extraordinary fitting accuracy and the simple, efficient and safe installation, for example. This is achieved thanks to LEMKEN’s three-dimensional precision measuring technology, checking not only every individual part, but also the jig which is used to produce it. All benefits, which will prove valuable in practice.

Classification made easy

Which part fits where? LEMKEN is taking the hassle out of classifying parts. Every original consumable carries a unique identification mark on the back so that even heavily worn parts can be identified promptly making your life easier when ordering. No matter where original spare parts are needed, they are guaranteed to be high-quality if they carry the original LEMKEN logo.

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