Environmental Protection

LEMKEN India has the highest concern towards the environment. There have been initiatives to make the plant facilities more environment friendly.

Intelligent Level Sensing Systems

Water loss in a normal case is observed when there is manual operation of valves to fill the water tanks. There is a substantial loss of electricity & water due to this factor. Investment has been done on Water Level Sensing system to prevent loss of water and power due to water over flow from storage tanks, level sensors have been installed at various locaions. The various levels of water in tank are sensed by sensors & motor operation is controlled by the controllers. It has substantial saving of water & energy, making environment friendly.

Green Factory

We have developed & maintain a green area of 5500 sq mtr covered under plantation. There are variety of plants & trees planted in the plant area to be maintained during the year. More than 50 trees have been planted in the plant sections & vicinity in and around the plant. Other 120 plants in Pot Culture have been raised to create a balance. Care has been taken to provide drip irrigation system to keep alive the pot trees throughout the year. This plantation has not only made factory environment friendly but has added to the aesthetics too.

Paintshop Waste Disposal

The paint booth inside the paint shop has been provided with special filters (paint absorption/Day capacity is 3 Kg/sq.meter) for ensuring safe & controlled capturing of oversprayed paint. This oversprayed paint is absorbed by the filters preventing it from mixing with the water flowing out of paint shop. These filters are replaced monthly with new ones to ensure the waste paint collection. The disposal of used filters is done through the Government authorised hazardous waste disposal agency. The water from paint booth is collected & sent to CETP for treatment to ensure controlled disposal of the same.