Hydraulic Mounted Reversible plough Opal 080 E

Perfect technology for improved work quality

The one to three furrow Opal 080 E mounted reversible ploughs are characterised by high strength at low weight. They are easy to pull and consequently very efficient to use.

  • The plough body is tempered and thus very strong
  • The height of the drawbar can be easily adjusted for all conditions allowing optimum setting of the lower links. Which also acts as a shock absorber.
  • The height-adjustable cross shaft can be adjusted to any conditions and thus  guarantees the perfect position of the tractor lower links.
  • The short and strong turnover axle, in the headstock, is not compromised by welded joints and can therefore withstand the highest impact and permanent loads.
  • The plough is protected against damage due to overload by an additional shear bolt device.
  • Large interbody and better under frame clearance avoids the blockages even at close setting for furrows.

LEMKEN India Solution Provider (Crop residue Management)

Technical Data - Opal 080 E Series

All specifications, dimensions and weights are subject to continuous technical development and are therfore not binding.The weight specifications always refer to the basic equipment, subject to change.

Outstanding Features

Adjustment For Working Width
Front Furrow Adjustment
Infinite Angle Adjustment
Inter Body and Under Frame Clearance
Over Load Security
Reliable Turnover Mechanism
The Plough Body Construction
The Plough Body
Opal 080 E

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