Our Competence

The Raw Material

We use strong & wear resistance special alloy steel as raw material for the production of our ploughs and other implements. The quality and composition of the steel are decisive factors in insuring the plough operation accurately & for a long time.

Hardening & Tempering

Steel hardening and tempering is vital to ensure the plough is tough and wear-resistant. In the furnaces, the individual parts are heated up to 900 degrees Celsius, shaped, cooled and then hardened. This ensures a better life of the implements and parts for our customers.


The computer controlled machines, fitted with special types of tools, installed in the plant are capable of milling, boring and turning processes of the hardened alloy steel. The tool room is well arranged with all the machines that ensure less time consumption for production.

Profile Cutting

The profile cutting of the alloy steels is done by our flame cutting machine. The computer controlled flame cutting machine will ensure the precision ness during the cutting operation. The circular saw machine is used for the cutting of the pipes in any degree which results in less grinding works and better finish rather than the conventional cutting machines.

Paint Booth

LEMKEN ploughs are painted with special LEMKEN blue paint followed by the drying system, using the computer operated 2K process which controls the precise proportion of paint & hardener. The result is a uniform and highly resistant surface which offers long lasting protection against corrosion.

Plough Assembly Section

The assembly section is equipped with the pneumatic tools that provide uniform pressure, while tightening the bolts resulting in a high quality and world class assembly standard.

Quality Staff

The trained, educated and experienced staffs at LEMKEN are responsible to carry out all operations to maintain the quality, safety and punctuality.

LEMKEN India Plant

The air cooled LEMKEN plant is insulated with wall claddings that ensure better working environment to maintain the premium quality production.