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As manufacturers of machinery for soil cultivation, sowing and plant protection, LEMKEN currently employs approximately 1,400 people worldwide. The company is in the sixth and seventh generation of ownership by the LEMKEN family. LEMKEN’s headquarters

are located in Alpen, a town in the Lower Rhine area of Germany, 50 km north-west of Düsseldorf. LEMKEN produces about 17,200 machines per year with a turnover of 325 million € in 2016. Thus LEMKEN is one of the leading

companies in Europe. With a market share of more than 40 % for reversible ploughs and cultivators LEMKEN is established as German market leader.

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LEMKEN India News


LEMKEN India Participated in Asia Largest Agri. Business Show SIMA ASEAN 2016

LEMKEN India participated in SIMA ASEAN 2016 recently held at Bangkok, Thailand from 8th to 10th  September 2016. The idea of participation was to create awareness about LEMKEN products for the South East Asia Markets and for expansion in these markets. The Exhibition was the largest Agriculture Industry Expo in which all the Asian and Multi Nationals Company and Manufactures had participated. Farmers, Buyers, Traders, and Dealers...more



LEMKEN India recently participated in the "AGRI INTEX" at Coddissia, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu held on 15th to 18th July 2016. The participants included manufacturers of Tractors & Tillers, Harvester manufacturers, Fertilisers, Pesticides, Tyre manufacturers, Irrigation systems and most importantly implement manufactrers among others. Among the implement manufacturers display was majorly on Rotavator, Seed drills etc. To all the...more


LEMKEN India participated in the event Field Days India

Field Days India which took place on 23 and 24 February, 2016 in Dolpur Kampa – Dhansura, Aravalli, Gujarat. The Field Days presented modern technological cropping solutions and focus on the development of the agricultural value chain from Soil cultivation to harvesting and processing. Furthermore, the event covers deliberations on major stages of the potato and wheat cultivation as well as live demonstrations and trial plots. Field...more

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