Disc cultivator Smaragd

Optimum work quality, proved thousands of times

The Smaragd disc cultivator is a highly versatile model for every conceivable use on the farm. It is suitable for stubble cultivation, slurry or green manure incorporation, or seedbed preparation on light or medium soils.

  • The short, compact design with large row spacings gives low-draught, blockage-free work and high field efficiency.
  • The tool combination has been proven thousands of times and consists of interchangeable wing shares, concave discs, optional harrow, and following roller to guarantee optimum quality of work.
  • The twin-beam frame, combined with the parallel arrangement of concave discs and tube bar roller, provides easy adjustment of working depth and automatically gives accurate depth control.
  • An optimum rear roller is available to suit most working conditions.
  • The Smaragd is available in working widths from 2.6 metres up to 12 metres when used with the Gigant system carrier. A transport or combination semi-mounting system can also be added.
Disc-Cultivator Smaragd 80
Type 80/220 80/260 80/300
Working width (cm) 220 260 300
Tines/ pairs of discs 5/4 6/5 7/6
Weight (kg)¹ 592 677 780
Weight with auto. overload safety device and shearbolt device (kg)¹ 746 865 999
¹ Weight without roller

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