LEMKEN India at AGRI INTEX 2017.

LEMKEN India recently participated in the "AGRI INTEX" at Coddissia, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The participants included manufacturers of Tractors & Tillers, Harvester manufacturers, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Tyre manufacturers, Irrigation systems and most importantly implement manufacturers among others. Among the implement manufacturers display was majorly on Hydraulic reversible MB Plough, Rotavator, Seed drills etc.

To all the visitors LEMKEN displayed implements which were unique and the visitors appreciated it for the quality and indicated that these implements are very helpful for the farmers. LEMKEN team also explained them how these implements were capable of doing multi activities resulting in increase of crop yield.

Farmers response was very positive and LEMKEN was able to generate excitement among farmers community with the result on spot bookings were made. The LEMKEN machines are the perfect solution for Ploughing, stubble cultivation and seedbed preparation.