LEMKEN India at AGRI ASIA 2017, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

LEMKEN India recently participated in the "AGRI ASIA 2017" at Gandhinagar, Gujarat held on 1st to 3rd September 2017. The participants included manufacturers of Tractors & Tillers, Harvester manufacturers; Fertilizers, Pesticides, Tyre manufacturers, Irrigation systems and most importantly implement manufacturers among others. 

LEMKEN was the only company who had displayed implements which were different from others, while others had displayed the same implements which are already in use from many years. The implements displayed by LEMKEN were interesting to the visitors.

To all the visitors LEMKEN displayed implements which were new and they appreciated for the quality and indicated that these implements are for the current customer field needs. Our team also explained to them that these LEMKEN implements were capable of doing multi activities resulting in increase of crop yield.