Hi-tech Farming: When it comes to machines, Vikas Rai opts for best ones - LEMKEN


Vikas Rai likes to say that he puts on his best clothes to go to work - on his farm in nihal khera village in Punjab's Fazlika district. That's because he has 90 HP John deere air conditioned tractor, he may use a basic Rs, 3000 mobile phone but the Air Force School and Hansraj College alumnus is much more demanding when it comes to farm machinery.

Rai, 48, the farm equipment industry calls him a "techie farmer" has always kept abreast of farm technology. "I earlier wanted to increase yield per acre with the latest machines. Now I want to save time, " he said, Investing in farm technology has led to 20-25% better crop yields others in the region. Still the extra investment is substantial. Rai is going to buy a Rs 13Lakh LEMKEN machines, a German brand.